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AgSilver CleanTalc Daily Strength

AgSilver CleanTalc Daily Strength

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Say goodbye to harsh chemicals with this natural & effective alternative for treating skin infections & irritations. Made from Ionic Silver, a smart element that naturally releases antimicrobial properties to keep bacteria, mold & fungus at bay.  

For preventative measures, use Daily Strength & for existing or persistent conditions, or horses prone to frequent infections, use Maximum Strength. 

  • AgSilver Technology
    Aids in the prevention of bacteria & fungus known for causing irritations such as rain rot, scratches, ringworm, or thrush
  • Therapeutic Powder
    Apply directly to skin & can be used in tandem with otherAgSilverproducts

  • Natural & Antibiotic-Free
    Gentle enough to be used on fresh cuts, nicks & scrapes

  • Competition Safe
    Treat skin irritations without any adverse side effects for USEF or FEI

  • Versatile Use
    Use on tack & equipment to deter the growth of bacteria & fungus in humid weather

  • Cradle to Cradle™ Certified
    Awarded to products designed, produced, packaged & used in an environmentally & socially responsible fashion

  • Made in USA
  • 50 gram bottle
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