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AJR Hexagon Copper Cricket Roller D Bit

AJR Hexagon Copper Cricket Roller D Bit

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The Hexagon Copper Cricket Roller D Bit is a revolutionary addition to your bit collection.  This bit uniquely incorporates a hexagon-shaped mouthpiece along with a copper cricket roller, offering an exceptional combination for effective horse-rider interaction.

At the core of its design, the hexagonal mouthpiece provides a multifaceted approach to pressure distribution within the horse’s mouth. This innovative shape offers varied contact points, which can be more stimulating for horses compared to traditional round mouthpieces. This feature makes the bit particularly useful for horses that have become accustomed to standard bits and require something more engaging to maintain responsiveness.

The central copper cricket roller is a key feature of this bit. The roller encourages the horse to play and interact with the bit, which not only promotes salivation for a softer mouth but also creates a distinct ‘cricket’ sound. This auditory feedback is invaluable for riders, as it provides real-time insight into the horse’s mouth activity and level of engagement. By listening to the cricket noise, riders can better understand their horse’s responses and adjust their communication and commands accordingly.

  • Material: Copper and Stainless Steel
  • Mouth Thickness: 12mm
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