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AJR Leather Curb Gag

AJR Leather Curb Gag

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This unique curb gag design incorporates sliding rope action on the cheekpieces. Rather than exerting strong poll pressure like conventional gag bits, this innovative design applies pressure to the horse's curb groove using a leather pad. While there is still a slight amount of poll pressure, the upper ring functions similarly to a Baucher bit offering additional control.

The bit's core is constructed from a thin stainless steel wire which is then reinforced with nylon, leather is then hand stitched using a technique to keep the stitching non abrasive. As the horse produces saliva, it naturally softens the leather bit, providing a more comfortable experience. The combination of the bit's flexible mechanism and the appealing taste of leather makes it particularly well-suited for horses with sensitive mouths.

The AJR Sport Gag Curb takes inspiration from the Rope gag concept but focuses on applying curb pressure through the second/bottom rein instead of poll pressure. Although some poll pressure remains due to the action of the bit's ring or drop cheek on the top rein, the emphasis is on curb pressure.

Included with the bit is a curb strap, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking control while accommodating a horse with a sensitive mouth. It is also crucial to ensure that the stitching faces outward, towards the mouth opening, to prevent any potential discomfort.

  • Size: 135mm
  • Material: Leather
  • Thickness: 20mm
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