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AJR Leather Hinge D Bit

AJR Leather Hinge D Bit

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The Leather Hinge D Bit has a unique hinge mechanism, offering enhanced mobility and responsiveness unlike traditional jointed bits. This innovative hinge allows the two sections of the mouthpiece to move independently, providing clearer and more precise signals to the horse. This design effectively reduces the 'nutcracker' effect commonly associated with jointed bits, thereby minimizing the risk of pinching the horse's tongue or cheeks. This feature makes the bit particularly suitable for horses with a low palate.

The Leather Hinge D Bit's design is further enhanced by its construction. At its core is a thin stainless steel wire, fortified with nylon for durability and strength. This is complemented by hand-stitched leather, crafted to keep the stitching non-abrasive for the horse. As the horse salivates, the leather softens, offering a more comfortable experience and making the bit particularly well-suited for horses with sensitive mouths. When fitting this bit, it is important to ensure that the stitching faces outward towards the mouth opening, to avoid any discomfort for the horse.

This combination of innovative design and thoughtful construction makes the Leather Hinge D Bit a versatile and effective choice for riders who seek both control and comfort for their horses.

  • Material: Leather
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 16mm
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