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AJR Leather Hinge Full Cheek

AJR Leather Hinge Full Cheek

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The Leather Hinge Full Cheek Bit is designed to enhance horse and rider communication. Its unique feature is the innovative hinge mechanism which sets it apart from traditional jointed bits. This mechanism allows for independent movement of each mouthpiece section, providing clearer and more precise signals to the horse. Such a design is particularly effective in reducing the nutcracker effect common in jointed bits, thereby minimizing the risk of pinching the horse's tongue or cheeks. This aspect makes the bit especially suitable for horses with a low palate.

Crafted with attention to detail, the core of the Leather Hinge Full Cheek Bit is made from a thin stainless steel wire, reinforced with nylon for added strength and resilience. The mouthpiece is then meticulously hand-stitched with leather, ensuring that the stitching is non-abrasive to the horse. This leather softens naturally as the horse salivates, enhancing the comfort level of the bit in the horse's mouth.

This thoughtful design makes the Leather Hinge Full Cheek Bit particularly well-suited for horses with sensitive mouths. It combines the benefits of a flexible mechanism with the appealing taste and feel of leather. When fitting this bit, it's important to ensure the stitching is facing outward, towards the mouth opening, to avoid any potential discomfort to the horse.

The Leather Hinge Full Cheek Bit's combination of innovative design and high-quality construction makes it an effective tool for riders seeking both control and comfort for their horses.

  • Material: Leather
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 16mm
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