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AJR Rubber Block Flexi Full Cheek

AJR Rubber Block Flexi Full Cheek

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The Rubber Block Flexi Full Cheek Bit is a cutting-edge development in bits, offering unparalleled flexibility and comfort. Constructed with a core of braided wire encased in a durable plastic tube, this bit provides a level of flexibility that is ideal for a wide range of horses and disciplines.

The bit features a rubber block mouthpiece designed to cover a broad surface area in the horse's mouth, effectively reducing the tendency of horses to fix or lean, which promotes a more balanced and responsive engagement. The mouthpiece's tapered structure, with blocks that gradually decrease in size, ensures additional tongue space, alleviating pressure and increasing the horse's comfort and bit acceptance.

Additionally, the inclusion of a full cheek piece significantly enhances lateral control and prevents the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth, aiding in steering and guiding. 

The flexibility of the Rubber Block Flexi Full Cheek Bit is a standout feature, offering the bit a unique ability to adapt while maintaining its shape during use. This characteristic ensures that the bit remains comfortable for the horse, minimizing pressure points and enhancing overall bit acceptance.

Ideal for riders looking to combine effective communication with superior comfort for their horse, the Rubber Block Flexi Full Cheek Bit, with its full cheek piece, is suitable for various riding disciplines. Its innovative design and construction make it a valuable addition to any rider's collection, promising improved performance and a more enjoyable riding experience.

  • Material: TPU
  • Mouth Thickness: 16mm
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