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AJR Rubber Port D

AJR Rubber Port D

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The Rubber Port D is designed for equestrian enthusiasts facing the challenge of horses manipulating or positioning their tongues over the bit, this state-of-the-art bit is a game-changer in enhancing horse comfort and rider control. Specifically targeting horses prone to tongue-over-bit behavior, it features a unique, solid-core mouthpiece that eliminates flexibility, providing a consistent and stable feel for the horse.

This specialized bit incorporates a thoughtfully designed port that alleviates center tongue pressure, encouraging the horse's tongue to rest comfortably beneath the bit's flattened area. This design is particularly beneficial for promoting relaxation and comfortable chewing, marking it as an ideal choice for horses sensitive to tongue pressure and prone to behaviors like excessive head shaking.

Equipped with a D Ring, the Rubber Port D bit secures a balanced and neutral position within the horse's mouth, offering superior support and enabling precise guidance and control, critical for an optimal riding experience. 

The solid-core design makes it particularly suitable for horses that require a stable and unyielding mouthpiece, facilitating a more responsive and harmonious interaction between horse and rider. 

  • Material: TPU
  • Mouth Thickness: 18mm
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