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AJR Twisted Bradoon Gag Bit

AJR Twisted Bradoon Gag Bit

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The Twisted Bradoon Gag Bit is a perfect blend of delicate design and effective control. Crafted with precision, this bit features a twisted mouthpiece, designed to provide subtle but effective communication. 

The twisted design of the mouthpiece offers assertive influence, encouraging the horse to pay closer attention to the rider’s cues. This bit is particularly useful for horses that are less responsive to standard bits, as the twists provide a sharper feel, promoting better focus and responsiveness.

The bradoon style of this gag bit allows for a more direct line of communication, enhancing the rider’s ability to make precise adjustments in stride and direction. This bit is commonly used in combination with a hackamore.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mouth Thickness: 6mm
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