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AJR Vulcanite Mullen Full Cheek

AJR Vulcanite Mullen Full Cheek

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The Vulcanite Mullen Full Cheek Bit, crafted with the robustness of vulcanized rubber also known as Bakelite, has a reinforced steel core which stands as a testament to bit innovation. This bit combines durability and comfort, making it a suitable choice for both horse and rider.

Featuring a Mullen mouthpiece, the Vulcanite Mullen Full Cheek Bit provides a smooth, continuous surface, which distributes pressure evenly across the horse's mouth. This design is particularly advantageous for horses that respond well to a consistent and gentle pressure on their bars and tongue, reducing the risk of discomfort.

The use of vulcanized rubber, known for its enhanced durability from the vulcanization process, adds resilience to the bit. The steel core reinforcement within this structure is crucial, ensuring the bit's strength. This combination of materials makes the bit both safe and dependable.

A significant benefit of the Vulcanite material in this bit is its ability to maintain a consistent temperature, which is particularly important for horses with drier mouths. Unlike traditional rubber bits that can heat up, the Vulcanite Mullen Full Cheek Bit avoids the risk of causing discomfort or potential burns on the horse's tongue.

The Full Cheek design of this bit enhances lateral control and helps with steering, making it ideal for training purposes or for horses that are learning to respond to directional aids. It also prevents the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth, offering added safety and stability.

  • Material: Vulcanite (Bakelite)
  • Mouth Thickness: 18mm
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