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AJR Vulcanite Port Full Cheek

AJR Vulcanite Port Full Cheek

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The Vulcanite Port Full Cheek Bit, known for its vulcanized rubber composition, is reinforced with a steel core, proving to be both durable and reliable. The vulcanized rubber, also known as Bakelite, is a material strengthened through the vulcanization process and provides resilience, ensuring the bit withstands the rigors of regular use.

This Full Cheek bit is distinguished by its ported design, which offers space for the horse's tongue, thereby reducing pressure on the sensitive areas of the mouth. This design is particularly well suited for horses with less room in their mouth or those prone to discomfort with more traditional bits.

The integration of a steel core within the vulcanized rubber structure is a significant feature. This reinforcement ensures the bit's integrity and safety. Unlike standard rubber bits that may heat up and cause discomfort in horses with less saliva, the Bakelite material in this bit maintains a consistent temperature. This characteristic is crucial in preventing the risk of discomfort or potential rubbing on the horse's tongue.

The Full Cheek design of the Vulcanite Port Full Cheek Bit enhances this bit's stability and prevents the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth, aiding in precise steering and control. This design feature makes it an excellent choice for training and for horses that are learning or refining their response to commands.

  •  Material: Vulcanite (Bakelite)
  • Mouth Thickness: 18mm
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