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Equiline Junior Airbag Vest

Equiline Junior Airbag Vest

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This Airbag Vest is born from a partnership between Equiline and Allshot, a leading French company specializing in Airbag equipment. 
These products are meticulously crafted, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and attention to detail to ensure riders can enjoy their equestrian pursuits with confidence and maximum comfort.

• For children weighing at least 17 kg, 6 to 11 years old.
• Ergonomic airbag vest that can be worn over all types of equipment.
• Made of Cordura stretch, a comfortable and ergonomic material, lined with 3D mesh for better comfort and breathability.
• Open cut under the arms to maintain great freedom of movement.
• Mechanical release by cable. Reusable by replacing the Co2 cartridge.
• Protects against hyper flexion, hyper tension, the back, the thorax, the sides.
• Front closure by ZIP.
• Vest fitted with a level 1 D30 back protector.
• Inflates in less than 100ms. 
• SIZES: T1 (6-8 years old / 110-125 c, height) and T2 (9-11 years old / 125-145 cm height). 

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