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Plughz 10 pair Stable Pack

Plughz 10 pair Stable Pack

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Plughz Economical 10 Pair Stable Pack Is A Trainer’s And Barn Favorite!

Plughz equine ear plugs reduce distracting loud noises and naturally aids in keeping your horse calm and focused.

Plughz are a very lightweight non latex and non toxic foam ear plug for your equine partner. They have a smooth finish that is slip resistance and non irritating or ticklish like the sheepskin and acrylic ear plugs. This style of ear plug is more dense-offering a better sound deadening quality and the foam easily shapes to the ear.r.

Great for competitions, trail riding, traveling, clipping or any time you want a quiet, relaxed, less tense horse.

The original Plughz foam ear plug in horse size that fits most horses and large ponies, or select Pony for the same product for small/medium ponies.

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