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Total Energy & Stamina Paste

Total Energy & Stamina Paste

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Total Energy & Stamina is the first product of its kind to support vasodilatation, energy conversion and the elimination of lactic acid in the muscles. Performance horses, such as race horses and show horses, will greatly benefit from the added energy and stamina they will experience. Additionally, Total Energy & Stamina contains no prohibited substances.
Adenosine -5- monophosphate
 (AMP-5) is a nucleotide present in all cells and is involved in energy metabolism. It is also a powerful vasodilator that supports an increase of blood flow to the heart, muscles, lower legs, and hooves. By producing a marked increase in blood supply to the muscles and heart, Total Energy & Stamina will support an increase in oxygen and essential nutrient supply to these areas during hard work and reduce heart strain. It also improves the efficiency of removal of waste products, such as lactic acid, to delay the onset of muscle fatigue, cramping, and lowers the risk of Tying Up.

To naturally support these processes in the body, B Vitamins and amino acids have been added to this powerful formula to deliver a complete balanced energy and stamina formulation.

Studies have shown that the ingredients in Total Energy & Stamina have been proven in:
Increased energy conversion

Supports reduction of heart strain

Increased circulation to lower legs and hooves

Vasodilation to support reduction of lactic acid and cramping

Supports oxygen capacity for optimal performance

Bioavailability through oral application

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